The 4th International Congenital And Structural Percutaneous Interventions Annual Meeting

About us

CASPIAN Meeting is an international congress on Congenital and Structural Heart Diseases, in collaboration with CSI. 
The congress is more frequently held annually and it often lasts for three days in Mashhad, Iran. 

Who We Are?

Many motivated experts in the field of cardiology come together from far and near, in honor of CASPIAN to look into new ideas in every aspect of congenital, structural, and valvular heart diseases. Seeking better substantial methods, putting their minds to debate the ultimate growing road.

CASPIAN Meeting is pointedly mapped out for pediatric and adult interventional cardiologists, cardiothoracic surgeons, cardiac anesthetists and intensivists, and whoever is interested and researchful-qualified. 

It also provides an ideal opportunity for engineers, device specialists, and inventors; to share their minds with physicians, connect and debate the newest achievements. 

Several fascinating chapters, Live-Cathlab program, Fetal-Heart, Imaging, Valve, Heart Failure-Device, Nursing chapters, various workshops, E-posters, and Cathlab cafés will be held. 

On behalf of the CASPIAN Heart Foundation, CASPIAN Meeting is the main annual program on Congenital and Structural Heart Diseases, in collaboration with CSI. 

We started with CASPIAN Meeting in 2017 and then continued with further improvement of more incredible experiences in 2018, and 2019. 
And now, after more than two years of the COVID-19 pandemic, CASPIAN Meeting 2022 with a lot of enthusiasm is again on the way!


History of CASPIAN Meeting

CASPIAN Meeting 2017
Nov. 2-4, 2017, Mashhad-Iran.

The inspiring atmosphere with lots of incredible experiences of CASPIAN programs. A unique opportunity for all who cared about cardiology fields including Cardiology School Hall, Master Classes, CASPIAN and CSI Focus Live, CASPIAN and CSI Focus Imaging, etc. 


CASPIAN Meeting 2018
Dec. 2-4, 2017, Mashhad-Iran.

The cardiovascular knowledge with prominent experts regarding Congenital And Structural, valvar Percutaneous Interventions was shared and splendid experiences from all over the world were developed. The challenging cases of CASPIAN Fetal Heart chapter, 3D Echo, Cardiac MRI, CHD interventions were discussed. Iran CTO & Bifurcation Meeting in collaboration with Euro CTO Club and European Bifurcation Club was one of the newest achievements held parallel to CASPIAN Meeting 2018. 



CAPIAN Meeting 2019
Oct 9-11, Mashhad-Iran

The designed parallel meetings for pediatric and adult interventional cardiologists, cardiothoracic surgeons, anesthesiologists, nurses, technicians, and other medical specialties involved in congenital, structural, or valvular interventions. CASPIAN Fetal Chapter with more progressive achievements continued, CASPIAN Experts Café and Heart Dissection Lab were fulfilled. 


Our executive team

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Feridoun Noohi
President of Congress

Feridoun Noohi

Behzad Alizadeh

Behzad Alizadeh

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