CASPIAN Café Chapter
CASPIAN Meeting 2023


12:00-14:00, Congress Theater 610


E-Poster Presentation A

MODERATORS: Baktash Bayani

PANELISTS: Ebrahim Nematipour, Mostafa Dastani, Omid Javedanfar

P1 / Title: Safety, efficacy, and complications of percutaneous closure of postoperative residual ventricular septal defects

Presenter: Shirin S. Ghiasi

Other Author/s: Behzad Alizadeh, Shakeel Ahmad Qureshi, Mohammadreza Naghibi © 10 min

P2 / Title: Three years cohort study on congenital heart disease

Presenter: Ehsan Ghayour

Other Author/s: Constance Maurer, Olga Boleti, Paria Najarzadeh Torbati, Farzaneh Norouzi,

Anna Nicole Rebekah Fowler, Shima Minaee, Khalid Hama Salih, Mehdi Taherpour, Hassan Birjandi, Behzad Alizadeh, Aso Faeq Salih, Moniba Bijari, Henry Houlden, Alan Michael Pittman, Reza Maroofian, Yahya H Almashham, Ehsan Ghayoor Karimiani, Juan Pablo Kaski, Eissa Ali Faqeih, Farveh Vakilian, Yalda Jamshidi 10 min

P3 / Title: Atrial septal defect size index in the selection of intervention versus surgery

Presenter: Hassan Mottaghi ©

Other Author/s: Mona Moghri, Hassan Birjandi, Mahmood Hoseinzadeh Maleki, Behzad Alizadeh, Mohammad Abbasi Tashnizi, Mohammadhassan Nezafati, Mohammadreza Naghibi, Shirin S. Ghiasi 10 min

P4 / Title: Cardiovascular risk factors and adults with congenital heart disease. Should be more cautious?

Presenter: Nazanin Khadem

Other Author/s: Behzad Alizadeh, Shirin Sadat Ghiasi © 10 min

P5 / Title: Ventricular septal defect device closure: A narrative review of the literature

Presenter: Elaheh Heidari

Other Author/s: Shirin Ghiasi, Hassan BIrjandi©, Amin Heidari 10 min

P6 / Title: Cardiac findings in childhood syncope

Presenter: Akbar Molaei

Other Author: Shahram Sadeghvand 10 min

P7 / Title: Coping with caregiving stress in families of children

with congenital heart disease: A qualitative study

Presenter: Zahra Dalir ©

Other Author/s: Abbas Heydari, Zahra Sadat Manzari, Hossein Kareshki 10 min

P8 / Title: Investigation the results of interrupted aortic arch surgery: Demographic characteristics, associated anomalies and the final outcomes

Presenter: Ghazaleh Nouri

Other Author/s: Hassan Mottaghi, Hassan Birjandi, Behzad Alizadeh Mohammadreza Naghibi, Mohammad Abbasi Tashnizi, Mahmoud Hosseinzadeh Maleki, , Shirin S. Ghiasi 10 min

P9 / Title: Fragmented QRS efficiency to predict right cardiac function in patients with repaired tetralogy of Fallot: Comparison with cardiac magnetic resonance parameters Presenter: Bita Zargaran

Other Author/s: Mohammadreza Naghibi, Hassan Mottaghi© 10min

P10 / Title: Congenital heart disease’s evaluation in children conceived by assisted reproductive technology: A single-center experience

Presenter: Shirin S. Ghiasi

Other Author/s: Hassan Mottaghi ©, Zahra Barati Farimani, Ali Mottaghi, Nayere Khadem 10 min


14:00-15:00 LUNCH BOX



15:00-16:30, Congress Theater 610


E-Poster Presentation B

MODERATORS: Aliakbar Zeinaloo

PANELISTS: Fakhroddin Hejazi, Yaser Jenab, Ramin Khameneh Bagheri

P1 /Title: Comparison of tissue doppler echocardiographic indices in athletic teenagers with control groups

Presenter: Saeed Abtahi ©

Other Author/s: Zahra Mostafavian, Rasam Mashoufi 10 min

P2 / Title: Association between low birth weight and septal heart defect in multiple birth offspring

Presenter: Sina Afzoon

Other Author/s: Hassan Mottaghi, Fateme Rezvanifard© 10 min

P3 / Title: Congenital heart defects in infants with a congenital

diaphragmatic hernia: A single-center experience

Presenter: Fatemehsoltan Zegheibizadeh

Other Author/s: Hassan Mottaghi, Zahra Abbasi Shaye, Shirin S. Ghiasi© 10 min

P4 / Title: Evaluating the frequency of genitourinary disorders diagnosed in children with congenital heart defects referred to the cardiac center in northeastern Iran (Imam Reza Hospital)

Presenter: Sara Saadat

Other Author/s: Hassan Mottaghi©, MD, Sara Saadat, MD, Mehran Hiradfar, MD / 10 min

P5 / Title: The Predictability of Echocardiography in Children with Primary Pulmonary 1 Hypertension and Its Comparison with Cardiac Catheterization Parameters

Presenter: Elahe Heidari

Other Author/s: Hassan Mottaghi©, Zahra Abbasi Shaye, Behzad Alizadeh, Mahboobe Ghofrani 10 min

P6 / Title: Frequency of attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) in patients with congenital heart disease Presenter: Aazam Sadat Heydari Yazdi©

Other Author/s: Hassan Mottaghi, Mahboobeh Eslamzadeh 10 min

P7/Title: Compressive vascular ring in children-single center experience

Presenter: Behnaz Baradaran Sirjani

Other Author/s: Hassan Mottaghi©, Mahmud Hoseinzadeh Maleki, Mohammad Abasi 10 min

P8 / Title: Congenital heart defects in children with congenital

imperforate anus anomaly: A single-center experience

Presenter: Fatemehsoltan Zegheibizadeh

Other Author/s: Hassan Mottaghi©, Sina Afzoon, Shirin S. Ghiasi, Mehran Hiradfar, Zahra Abbasi 10 min

P9 /Title: Aortopulmonary window with type B interrupted

aortic arch and patent ductus arteriosus: a case report

Presenter: Zohre Fatemi

Other Author/s: Gazaleh Nouri, Shirin S. Ghiasi©, Hassan Mottaghi, Mohammadreza Naghibi 10 min

P10 / Title: Tissue Doppler Echocardiographic Indices in Athletic


Presenter: Azin Seifi©

Other Author/s: Saeed Abtahi, Zahra Mostafavian, Elham Nikrouh / 10 min


16:30-17:00 BREAK



17:00-18:30, Congress Theater 610


E-Poster Presentation C

MODERATORS: Shirin S. Ghiasi

PANELISTS: Mohsen Mohebati, Hamidreza Hoseinikhah, Shima Minaee

P1 / Title: Clinical outcomes of pediatric patients with aortic valve

replacement: A single-center experience

Presenter: Yusef Erfani

Other Author/s: Hassan Mottaghi, Mahmood Hoseinzadeh Maleki, Milad Chambari, Shirin S. Ghiasi© 10 min

P2 / Title: Balloon valvotomy in comparison with surgical valvotomy in pediatric patients with congenital aortic stenosis Presenter: Zahra Barati Farimani

Other Author/s: Hassan Mottaghi©, Shirin S. Ghiasi, Nazanin Hazrati 10 min

P4 / Title: Evaluation of the accompaniment of outlet ventricular septal defect on other cardiac anomalies

Presenter: Masoumeh Heidari

Other Author/s: Hassan Mottaghi, Shirin S. Ghiasi©, Abouzar Irandegani 10 min

P5 / Title: Evaluation on residual ventricular septal defects in

pediatric patients: A cross-sectional study

Presenter: Ali Haghighi

Other Author/s: Hassan Mottaghi, Shirin S. Ghiasi© 10 min

P6 / Title: Spontaneous closure of ventricular septal defects: A single-center study

Presenter: Abouzar Irandeghani

Other Author/s: Hassan Mottaghi, Mohsen Seddigh, Shirin S. Ghiasi© 10 min

P7 / Title: the persistent left superior vena cava among children with congenital heart disease; the frequency and the outcomes: A single center experience

Presenter: Parisa Qayenipour

Other Author/s: Hassan Mottaghi, Ali Mottaghi,

Mohammad Reza Naghibi, Shirin S. Ghiasi,

Mahmoud Hoseinzadeh Maleki, Mahdi Kahrom© 10 min

P8 / Title: Frequency, Types and predisposing Factors of Fetal

Arrhythmia: A single-center experience

Presenter: Mohammad Mahdi Alvandi Fard

Other Author/s: Hasan Mottaghi, Shirin S. Ghiasi,

Samaneh Ashrafpour©, Zahra Musavi, Salmeh Dadgar 10 min



08:30-10:30, Congress Theater 610


Challenging Case Presentation A

MODERATORS: Mahdi Ghaderian

PANELISTS: Hashem Daneshsani, Kazem Babazadeh, Reza Derakhshan

C1 / Title: Urgent TAVI in TAVI after self-expandable valve pop-out

Presenter: Homa Ghaderian

Other Author/s: Yaser Jenab©, Mohammad Alidusti, mojtaba Salarifar 10 min

C2 / Title: Percutaneous Closure of Post Myocardial Infarcation Ventricular Septal Rupture in an Unstable Hemodynamic State, Using an Unconventional Internal Jugular venous access Presenter: Javad Ramezani

Other Author/s: Behzad Alizadeh, Shirin S. Ghiasi, Bita Zargaran, Javad Ramezani© 10 min

C3 / Title: Missed follow-up TOF

Presenter: Elahe Heidari

Other Author/s: Behzad Alizadeh 10 min

C4 / Title: A 3.5-year-old girl diagnosed with ASD, PDA, VSD, pulmonary hypertension, which was closed with intervention in two stages of 6 months.

Presenter: Reza Derakhshan© 10 min

C5 / Title: Large posterior high muscular VSD with systemic PH

Presenter: Akbar Molaei© 10 min

C6 / Title: PDA stent complication: Stent migration and axillary artery thrombosis

Presenter: Farshad Jafari©

Other Author/s: Hamid Reza Ghaemi 10 min

C7 / Title: Profound reflex bradycardia and sustained PSVT with device occlusion of patent ductus arteriosus in two adult patients with sub systemic pulmonary hypertension

Presenter: Hasan Birjandi

Other Author/s: Feisal Rahimpour©, Mahmood Hosseinzadeh Maleki 10 min



11:00-13:00, Congress Theater 610


Challenging Case Presentation B

MODERATORS: Hojjat Mortezaean

PANELISTS: Zahra Khajali, M. Mehdi Bagheri, Farshad Jafari

C1 / Title: COA angioplasty with stent and simultaneous closure of large VSD in a 9-month-old boy weighing 7 kg

Presenter: Reza Derakhshan© 10 min

C2 / Title: Endovascular therapy of pulmonary artery stenosis after systemic-to-pulmonary shunt operation

Presenter: Homa Ghaderian

Other Author: Yaser Jenab© 10 min

C3 / Title: Peripheral artery damage after device emboli

Presenter: Mehdi Ghaderian©

Other Author/s: Alireza Ahmadi 10 min

C4 / Title: Aortic coarctoplasty in 30-year-old man

Presenter: Maryam Mehrpouya© / 10 min

C5 / Title: Congenital BT shunt stenting

Presenter: Zahra Shaye

Other Author/s: Behzad Alizadeh, Mohammadreza Naghibi© 10 min

C6 / Title: Pulmonary hemorrhage following TFTC

Presenter: Mahmoud Hosseinzadeh Maleki

Other Author/s: Mohammad Reza Naghibi© 10 min

C7 / Title: Trans-catheter device closure of ruptured sinus of valsalva

Presenter: Zahra Hosseini

C8 / Title: Transc-catheter post MI VSR device Closure

Presenter: Zahra Hosseini


13:00-14:00 LUNCH BOX

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