vascular ring in children-single center experience

Hassan Motaghi Moghaddam Shahri ©, Behnaz Baradaran Sirjani ℗, Mahmud Hoseinzade Maleki, Mohammad Abasi

vascular ring in children-single center experience

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Authors: Hassan Motaghi Moghaddam Shahri ©, Behnaz Baradaran Sirjani ℗, Mahmud Hoseinzade Maleki, Mohammad Abasi

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Aortic arch's anomalies include 1-2% of all congenital malformations and are widely in range (1). The term vascular ring is now loosely used to refer to all congenital vascular anomalies of the aortic arch system that cause compression of the trachea and/or esophagus(2). The symptoms relative to these two structures are primarily noisy breathing,cough, and dysphagia(3).


This research is a cross-sectional study which was performed since 2002 until 2022 between children and teens aged under 20,who referred to the pediatric heart clinic of Mashhad's imam Reza hospital. 243 patients diagnosed with Aortic arch's anomalies entered the study which the specific information related to abundance of vascular ring type compressive and non compressive,demographic info, and also other following anomalies and congenital heart disorders' relations were analyzed statistically between patients specifically diagnosed with vascular ring


Data analysis demonstrated,in 37.5% (32) patients diagnosed with vascular rings,62.5% (20) had Compression vascular rings,and37.5%(12)had non-compressive.In terms of gender,75% of all patients were female, and there was no significant difference in terms of gender in both groups of patients with Compression vascular ringsand non-Compression vascular rings.The first visit was in the first year of birth in48.4% of patients,but there was no significant relationship between the time of referral and the types of vascular rings.In total, the types of vascular rings in order of prevalence are 31.25%)10(patientshad a right subclavian artery with an aberrant left-sided aortic arch,25%(8)had a double aortic arch,and25% (8)hadKommerell’s diverticulum with an aberrant left subclavian artery.Of 15.6% (5)patients only hadtheaberrant left subclavian artery and right-sided aortic arch, and only one case, 3.1%,was related to pulmonary SLING.In 24patientswho had surgical correction of the vascularring,2(8.3%) patientsdied.Respiratory symptoms,such as chronic cough,noisy breathing,etc.,were significantly more compared to digestive symptoms among patients with compression vascular rings,and the factors of weight,time,and surgery had no significant relationship with the outcome of patients after surgery.


Undoubtedly vascular ring has a statistically firm correlation to sex,age,birth weight,refer time symptoms,non-cardiac anomalies and congenital heart diseases;thus it plays an important roll in the outcome of diagnosis and prognosis of the patients.


Vascular Ring, Arch Anomaly,Cardiac Surgery,Congenital heart defects,Cardiac Imaging, Children,